Since I began imagining living in Detroit, I always just assumed it would be in proximity to downtown. Being within the hustle and bustle of the downtown activity, people constantly coming and going, large buildings all around me. All of the things you imagine when you think of the big city and living within an urban environment, is what I wanted. Now as I learn more and more about the entire city I question if that is where I will end up.

Part of my desire in moving to Detroit it being part of helping to restore the city. An opportunity to address its needs and problems then working to provide solutions. Time continues to past and I have yet to get to a point in my life which I am able to make the transition as  Detroit resident. Many of the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the downtown area have already begun their transformations. They are becoming areas of the city that already encourage existing businesses and residents to remain in addition to attracting many new ones as well. While these transformations are exciting and I am happy it is occurring, I feel like the impact that I could have will be less.

Trying to provide an impact and change is not my only reason for wanting to be a resident of Detroit. There are many of great activities to do, places to visit & explore, businesses to shop at and restaurants to try a new and delicious dish.

As I begin to engage in the community and explore the city more in depth, I find myself falling in love with neighborhoods further from my previously desired downtown proximity. There are incredible homes in these places, development and a resurgence occurring that seems to grab a hold of me and almost pushes me to get involved.

The struggle that ensues lies with my desire for public transit and a walk-able/ bike-able community. Steps are being made to help encourage that change in Detroit. Unfortunately those changes seem to beginning at the largest scale in a proximity to the downtown area. Do I give up my downtown perks for a neighborhood that I might enjoy as much or more for a place I feel I can have a larger impact? Or in the end do I stay the course and take advantage of those true urban benefits that only currently exist near downtown?