“Becoming a Challenge Detroit Fellow opens doors to countless opportunities for leadership, growth, and exploration. This is why I would encourage anyone to apply for the fellowship. You get the chance to perform meaningful work, contribute to the community, and be in environments that advance your human and social capital. The experience is truly unique.” – Andreia Inges

A quick morning photo on the way to DLBA offices.

A Brand-New Detroit

Growing up, as a Detroit native, I believed that I knew everything about my city. However, my perspective swiftly changed when I became a Challenge Detroit Fellow; realizing that there was much more to discover. I’ve learned that Detroit has an abundance of grassroots organizations such as Northwest Gold Berg, Denby Neighborhood Alliance, and Oakland Avenue Urban Farm. These organizations work tirelessly to enhance and improve their respective communities. And let me say, it’s inspiring. Through enriched programming and exploration, my eyes have been opened to a brand-new Detroit. 

I’ve had the opportunity to visit lots of amazing places around the city, but Linwood Fresh Market holds a special place in my heart. Owned by Sonna Greene, this convenience store reflects the need for Detroiters to have more access to healthy and nutritious foods. Throughout my life, my family and I have been forced to travel outside of the city to buy quality fresh foods, simply because most of Detroit is a food desert. Yet, Linwood Fresh Market gives me hope that both more Detroiters and people of color will have more opportunities to engage in healthy choices. 

Seeing various leaders take action to improve their communities and fight against social injustice inspires me. The lessons and experiences that I’m gaining as a Fellow are indeed invaluable, fueling my aspirations of helping those most underrepresented and unheard. 

ABOUT: Hi, I’m Andreia Inges and I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I studied at Michigan State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Relations & Policy and Criminal Justice. I am a Project & Community Liaison at the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) in the legal department. During my free time, I enjoy watching legal thrillers and trying different brownie recipes.