Do you have a secret hidden place? No one knows about this place but you. We all need a sacred place in this chaotic world that we can call our own. It’s a place where we can go to be left alone and gain peace. Solitude and peace are welcome friends in this sacred place. Now more than ever in these challenging times is to find your secret sacred place. We may not be able to travel to faraway places or even cross the border to Canada but we can find tranquil places nearby. Find a quiet space room in your home, garden, neighborhood park or simply behind a closed closet door. I found my secret place to be a place where I set my dreams, set my goals, make my plans and contemplate on what’s next on my bucket list to conquer. I also heal there when the world gets loud, chaotic and unbearable. I am selfish about my secret place. Sharing it, I feel dilutes its special power. I can go there to feel peaceful and whole especially during these quantantine times. Take a moment today and go to your hidden place. Slip inside and begin to take it all in and experience the wonder of it. Life in the secret place is solitude and majestic at the same time. Where is your secret place?


Submitted by Tricia Blake-Smith