A Decade of Impact in Detroit

Celebrating Ten Years!

The CHALLENGE DETROIT fellowship program is a year-long opportunity for diverse, innovative, community-minded individuals to grow their careers, strengthen their leadership skills, build relationships, and gain experience in multiple areas of impact while contributing to Detroit’s vibrant communities through intellectual giving.

Join the Challenge

We’re igniting a community of leaders committed to making a positive impact in Detroit. It’s our Fellows, their Host Companies, supporters, and the nonprofits we partner with that move our mission forward. How will you join the challenge?

Our Challenge Projects

Challenges are the heart of our program. Each Friday, our Fellows work together and collaborate with local nonprofits on strategic, intellectually-based projects designed to address our city’s greatest needs and opportunities, positively contributing to our community.

Our Impact

Since our founding in 2012, our Fellows have worked with over 165 nonprofits through our challenge projects. Together with our host companies, we have supported the creation of 250+ jobs at over 115 companies. Through all we do, we are making a lasting impact on our community.

Our program year has been made possible with leading support from HUNTINGTON BANK

Our homebase location is made possible in partnership with TECHTOWN