If your company is looking to hire great talent, Challenge Detroit is for you!

If your company is looking for a leadership and community engagement program for a current employee, Challenge Detroit is for you, too!

Either way, your company can participate in an urban revitalization effort bringing together individuals of various intellects and backgrounds from our own backyard and across the country to come together to live, work, play, give and lead in Detroit by uniting with area companies, non-profits and cultural institutions.

Learn more about our program and how your company can get involved:


How has Challenge Detroit been successful?

  • Supported the creation of over 125 jobs resulting in over $5 million of economic value to the local economy
  • 90% of Fellows stay in Detroit following their program year
  • 90% of Fellows secure a job following the program
  • The majority of Fellows stayed with their host company employer, several secured new jobs through Challenge Detroit’s network and many launch their own ventures

What are the benefits to your company?

  • Attract and retain top talent from Detroit and across the country
  • Play an active role in the revitalization of our city and region
  • Promote your company’s participation in Challenge Detroit
  • Potential to participate in Challenge Detroit media opportunities
  • Collaborate and network with like-minded organizations and leaders

How can your company participate?

  • Employ one of our candidates as a Fellow at your company
  • Place one of your current employees in the program
  • Allow your Fellow to give back to area nonprofits through intellectual and hands-on service on Fridays and beyond
  • Support a community-wide effort to retain and attract talent
  • Contribute to the revitalization efforts of the greater Detroit area

What is the obligation for your company?

  • A one-year employment agreement
  • Flexibility to allow the Fellow to engage with Challenge Detroit each Friday
  • A salary and benefits paid to the Fellow ($36,000 for Challenge Detroit candidates)
  • A variable on-boarding and programming fee paid to Challenge Detroit – $3,000 for companies with fewer than 50 employees and/or nonprofits, $6,000 for companies with more than 50 employees

Who are the Fellows and how will your company participate in Fellow selection?

  • Fellows can be Challenge Detroit candidates or current employees of your company.
  • All Fellows have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a variety of backgrounds and institutions, and several have advanced degrees and/or years of work experience.
  • Fellows are currently applying for the coming program year now. Click here to learn more about current and past classes and click here to learn more about the application process for the next class of Fellows.
  • Companies play an integral role in each phase on the application process helping to identify candidates who will proceed.
  • Companies identify top candidates after the in-person interviews in early May then work with Challenge Detroit to make a final selection.

What will the exposure be for your company?

  • Visibility through Challenge Detroit’s social media fan base of nearly 70,000Feature spotlight on Challenge Detroit’s website homepage
  • Access and connectivity to Challenge Detroit’s network of companies, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and more
  • Acknowledgement as a leading organization in Detroit’s revitalization effort and corporate social responsibility
  • Possible media coverage as historically seen in outlets including BBC, The Atlantic, Inc. Magazine, The Associated Press, Fast Company and numerous other print and online publications


Ready to host a Fellow? Click here to complete our interest form by Monday, March 14 at 5:00PM EST.