Day 5 (6/23) Reflections:

Day 5 gave us a chance to really synthesize all the information we gathered from the past four days. We dumped all our findings onto our post-its and began synthesizing.  First we learned about the synthesis process. The ultimate goal of the synthesis process is to come up with a Point Of View (POV) statement so we can focus and frame our challenge.  This will also help the team make decisions and fuel future brainstorms.

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There are a number of synthesis methods—these are just a few:

  • Synthesis Methods
    • Empathy Map
      • Pick one of the people you interviewed
      • Find what they said, do, think and feel
    • 2 X 2
      • Build an intersection
      • Define the axis’s
      • Place your information along the axis’s
    • Journey Map
      • Pick an artifact/process
      • Make a timeline of its life
      • See what needs, insights are discovered
    • Grouping (to find patterns)
      •  Group users in as many was as you can
      • Keep a list of the groupings


  • After synthesizing you want to try and define your POV through three methods:
    • 3 kinds of POV statements
      • Madlib—put together a sentence with your use
      • Want ad—similar to a personal’s ad
      • Metaphor


  • Ultimately you want your POV to have a User, Need and Insight:
  • User + Need + Insight
    • User—Empathic Language—“they are…” (not imposing our POV)
    • Need—Deep emotional need, a real need, a need, not a solution (want the need to be a “verb”)
      • Use need
      • Usability need
      • Meaning need
    • Insight—Something  we uncover
      • Can come from anywhere
      • Contradictions between what they say and what they do and what they say about what they do
        • Want to try and resolve some of these days