While Detroit certainly isn’t like anywhere in Kentucky, sometimes the adventurous (or hopelessly lost) Kentuckian will find themselves within the city. This list is meant to offer suggestions of where they could go to find both an authentic culinary experience, as well as where they could go to get a little taste of home.



Gus’s Fried Chicken– This infamous fried chicken joint offers the finest fried chicken and mac’n’cheese. Good, hearty and they also serve beers 40 ounces at a time in the timeless vessel that is the styrofoam.

Slows BBQA touch overrated? Perhaps. But nonetheless, the pulled pork was fantastically smoked ‘til sin and the vast array of sauces will keep the curious eater occupied for a good while. Enjoy your wait time by watching inexperienced tourist lose their minds and they try to figure out how to cross the madness that is Michigan Ave.

Polish KitchenYou can’t get more classic, authentic Polish food than what is offered here. The Dill soup alone is worth it. Don’t forget the sliced bread individually wrapped in plastic sandwich bags to “preserve freshness.” Get a tasting of pierogi’s- cheese, sauerkraut, potato and mushroom filled.

Andrews on the CornerOn the corner of Joe Campau and Atwater street. This old dive bar also had a solid selection of food. They offer shuttles on all game days around the city and their fish and chips is fresh as hell and best washed down with one of their many local brews on tap.

Bucharest Grill$4 Shawarma wrap. Don’t worry what shawarma is. It’s delicious and you’ll love it. A mixture of meats, veggies and sauce all wrapped up in enough tin foil so you’ll have leftovers to give to your crazy uncle worried about the gov’ment reading his mind.



Old MiamiWant a classic dive bar, pool tables, grumpy bartends and delightful selection of heavy metal on the actually working jukeboxes? This is your jam. They also serve burgers as big as a Buick.

Atwater breweryOne block from the Detroit River, one of the many local breweries in Detroit. They have a solid selection of beers, and most everything is consistent and good. Pass on the food, there are more memorable options not far away.

Motor City Brew Co.- Warm vibes and friendly bartends. Located in the somewhat bougie area of midtown, so if you have enough beers and get a hankering for a $1000 watch, fret not, Shinola is just around the corner. Outside seating in the warmer months and wooden timber everything on the inside. If a Hobbit were to want a beer in Detroit, this is where they would go.

Batch Brew Co.- This brewery passes the ‘chalk test’- they enjoy using chalk and using it to write everywhere almost as much as they like brewing beer. They make great beers, often with confusing names many words long, but they are nonetheless well made.

American Coney– This is a plottwist. While technically a restaurant, it has some key components which make it stand out. It serves food, yes, but it also stays open 24 hours a day AND serves craft beers. Detroit Coneys are a unique habit and culture which each individual should decide on in their own way. Best time to go- Friday to Sunday between 9pm and 4am. I promise it’ll be a time.



Y’all be good.