Over the past few months I’ve started to mesh my work and play in Detroit.  I’d like to highlight a project I’m in the middle of now that is allowing me to both work and play in Detroit.   This summer I’ve partnered with D.CIPHER, which is an organization that aims to provide opportunities for local musicians and artists to learn, grow, and thrive here in Detroit.  

One way they are supporting Detroit artists is through their Summer Music Series. Founded by Dominique Campbell, Allandra Bulger and Wayne Ramocan, D.CIPHER has partnered with The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and The Knight Foundation to host a series of shows along the Dequindre Cut at the Campbell Terrace off of Lafayette.  Every Wednesday night at 7 PM live music from some of Detroit’s best up and coming artists can be heard along the Dequindre Cut Greenway as many passers by end up staying.  We’re half way through this series and every week the crowd seems to grow.

After going to a show back in June, I approached Dominique with the idea to create a video package of each performance as a way for D.CIPHER to provide more value to their artists.  It’s my understanding that artists are always looking for content to help build their brand so it only seemed like a good fit for D.CIPHER to be able to give more to local artists. This partnership is also allowing me to continue developing my craft as a visual artist. 

I have been able to take in some amazing performances this summer.  It’s been great to see this community form that has created a space for artists to develop their craft and play in a beautiful area that had previously been unused.   I’ve heard it said a few times now, how lucky we are in Detroit to be surrounded by so much creativity and talent that we almost take it for granted.   It really is true…The more time you spend in Detroit the more you will see the creativity here.

To learn more about D.CIPHER you can got to their website https://www.dcipher.org/  or check them out on Facebook and Instagram @wearedcipher.

Here is a little clip from the show this past week!